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This product has been discontinued.

"ComicStudio" series Award
illuststuio Award of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of the 19th Digital Contents Grand Prix

The "ComicStudio" software, which was developed based on the workflow for manual manga production, allows users to create works with only a personal computer, without utilizing any analog materials and tools or any other graphics software.

"ComicStudio" Product lineup

ComicStudioDebut/Pro/EX 4.0 for Windows
ComicStudioDebut/Pro/EX 4.0 for Mac OS X
MangaStudioDebut/EX 4.0(Eng.ver.)
MangaStudioDebut/EX 4.0(Eng.ver.)

"ComicStudio" series materials

3D data collection
SAM TRADING tone materials
CELSYS tone materials
MAXON tone materials
PowerTone series

Process of manga production