RETAS!PRO HASP Key driver utility for Windows XP

Make sure you have read and understood the contents in this page before proceeding to download.

download 4.97MB 2005-07-11


This utility program is for installing and/or uninstalling the dongle (HASP) driver required for starting RETAS!PRO
* Normally, the dongle driver is installed by the RETAS!PRO installer. Therefore, use this utility only when installation of RETAS!PRO to Windows XP (SP2) fails, or for uninstalling the driver.
* The driver provided with this utility must be installed before the RETAS!PRO application. Once completed, make sure Windows is restarted. Make sure to install the RETAS!PRO applications only after the driver installation is finished.

■System Requirements

Operation of the HASP driver utility is guaranteed only in environments meeting the RETAS!PRO system requirements.


CELSYS, Inc. does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for any damages resulting from the use of this software (HaspDriverUtility). Furthermore, CELSYS, Inc. does not assume any responsibility to support this software.

■Installation Method

Extract the downloaded file and double click HaspDriverUtility.exe. Install/Uninstall by following the onscreen instructions.
* Make sure you are logged in with administrator privileges.