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Case Studies

Hardware manufacturer

Wacom Co., Ltd.
CLIP STUDIO PAINT was bundled with Wacom Co., Ltd.'s "Wacom Intuos" and offered worldwide.
(March 2018 )

CLIP STUDIO PAINT is being used for the Intuos and Intuos Pro series from Wacom.
― Bundled with the whole Japanese and Asia/Pacific* product lines ―
(September 2013)

Universities and professional schools

Osaka University of Arts
"CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX can be used for everything from manga and illustrations to animation"

Professor Machiko Satonaka
Chairperson, Character Creation Department

KADOKAWA Contents Academy Co., Ltd.
KADOKAWA Contents Academy is using CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, our manga and illustration production software, as an educational tool in their overseas content schools.
Bunsei University of Art
"Using CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX to bring manga to the other side of the world"

Professor Tetsuya Chiba and Associate Professor Seiichi Tanaka
Manga Department, Fine Arts Faculty

Kyoto Seika University
"CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX is the only program designed from the perspective of the artists involved in a key part of Japanese culture."

Associate Professor Kohei Nishino
Character Design Course
Department of Manga, School of Manga

PC makers

Microsoft Japan Co.,Ltd.
CLIP STUDIO PAINT is compatible with the new Surface pen. In addition, CLIP STUDIO PAINT’s performance has been optimized to operate on the new Surface Pro and Surface Studio.Also compatible with Surface Dial.
HP Japan Inc.
Campaign for a limited number of purchasers of HP laptop to receive a free copy of CLIP STUDIO PAINT wilth their purchase.
Epson Direct Corp.
Epson Direct selling new PC for creators, recommended for Clip Studio Paint.
MSI Computer Japan Co., Ltd.
MSI Releases "CLIP STUDIO PAINT" Performance-checked & ecommended PC
VAIO Corporation
Yoshifumi Ito
Product Producer,Head of Planning and Marketing Division

Combining CLIP STUDIO PAINT and the VAIO® Z Canvas to create an environment that makes production easy for artists
TOSHIBA Corporation
CLIP STUDIO PAINT has been bundled in the dynabook KIRA premium laptop
Fujitsu Ltd.
The download version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO was given to Fujitsu WEB MART customers for free in a campaign for artists .


CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO was included with Mezase! Mangaka PC de Manga o Kako! (Become a Manga Artist! Let's Try Computer Drawing!), an introductory book on digital manga production from Shonen Sunday magazine.
CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX was used to help the artists for Jump SQ magazine with digital manga production
Kodansha Ltd.
CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO digital manga production software included in Nakayoshi magazine's box set and book on how to draw manga!

Service providers

Celsys sponsored Comico’s 3rd Taiwan manga award event, “Comico Original Manga Awards.”
Lezhin Entertainment, LLC
CELSYS sponsored the 3rd “Lezhin Comics World Manga Contest”
Amazon Japan
CLIP STUDIO PAINT, the highest quality manga production software, now has a function for exporting works in Kindle format.
It was pre-announced at COMITIA109, with a free seminar.
DWANGO Co., Ltd. /niwango Inc.
CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a staple tool for the millions of members of niconico. In July 2014, we offered the 40 million members (the number of members at the time) the opportunity to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT for free.
pixiv Inc.
CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a staple tool for the millions of artists using pixiv. In September 2013, we offered the 8.2 million members (the number of members at the time) the opportunity to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT for free.

Animation studio

Nippon Animation Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Animation on Introducing Clip Studio Paint to their Digital Workflow

Mr. Yamamoto, Producer
Mr. Watanabe, Producer
Mr. Oba, In-Between Animation Director
Ms. Takahashi, Animator

Mr. Ueno, Group Leader, Digital Group
Ms. So, Ms. Asaka, Ms. Kuroda, Ms. Morita

Creating the animated parts of Momoiro Clover Z's "WE ARE BORN" music video using CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX
Kamikaze Douga Co., Ltd.
Ms. Satake, Ms. Sakina, Mr. Yoshibe and Ms. Umeki

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX was used to make Kamikaze's new motion graphics animation of City Hunter

Event Sponsorship

International Illustration Contest
International Illustration Contest hosted by Adobe and CLIP STUDIO PAINT
Live2D conference "alive 2017"
Live2D conference "alive 2017"
CELSYS is sponsoring the manga/illustration contest by the French manga posting site "MANGADRAFT".
BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
The PlayStation® VR game "Summer Lesson" Illustration Contest was jointly hosted with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Tokyo Anime Award Festival
CELSYS has sponsored the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017.
Corel Corporation Ltd.
With CLIP STUDIO PAINT and Corel Painter® being the official tools, CELSYS co-sponsored the contest held by Corel Corporation.
Comic Market
- Held since 1975
- The world's largest fanzine exhibition and spot sale
- A wide range of fan clubs sell and exhibit their works at this event
- Also includes features such as company booths and cosplay photography
- Held every summer and winter
- Number of fan clubs: Total of around 30-35 thousand during the three-day event
- Number of visitors: Total of around 500-600 thousand during the three-day event

Technology cooperation

Internet Co., Ltd. Megpoid Talk GUMI
Synthesized voices from Megpoid Talk can now be used in CLIP STUDIO ACTION
Increase the expressive range of your 3D animation characters
The University of Tokyo, Naemura Laboratory / Hitachi, Ltd. [Manga Perspective]
CLIP STUDIO PAINT includes ultra-realistic 3D technology called Manga Perspective  This was created based on the results of research by the University of Tokyo, Naemura Laboratory and Hitachi, Ltd.

Character content collaboration

CELSYS’s smartphone-based drawing app "kakooyo!" used in the making of "Piapro no Kabe: Digital Version" at Hatsune Miku's Magical Mirai 2016 event
(September 2016)

CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO/HATSUNE MIKU Illustration Making Book Model (Amazon only)
(October 2014)

A limited edition of CLIP STUDIO PAINT with a HATSUNE MIKU design was available at Magicalmirai 2014 in OSAKA
(August 2014)

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