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Event Sponsorships -Japan-:Case Studies

Comic Market


- Held since 1975
- The world's largest fanzine exhibition and spot sale
- A wide range of fan clubs sell and exhibit their works at this event
- Also includes features such as company booths and cosplay photography
- Held every summer and winter
- Number of fan clubs: Total of around 30-35 thousand during the three-day event
- Number of visitors: Total of around 500-600 thousand during the three-day event

CELSYS's Involvement in Comic Market

CELSYS has been involved in Comic Market since 2003. In 2011, we began jointly running a digital drawing materials booth with Wacom Co., Ltd., a global seller of pen tablets such as Cintiq.

Our close ties with the participating fan clubs allow us to get people to try digital drawing for themselves and enable us to learn about what artists need. We also work on joint plans with various companies.

Interactive Booths

At our interactive booths, visitors can find out what digital drawing is all about by looking, touching and feeling.
We team up with the manufacturers of computers and pen tablets such as Cintiq, exhibiting the latest computers and tablet computers and allowing visitors to try digital drawing with the latest version of, which supports touch operations.


We show visitors the latest features of CLIP STUDIO PAINT and give demonstrations of pen tablets for artists who are new to digital drawing.

Live Feedback from Artists

We survey artists who attend the event. Their feedback is used in our development of new tools, as well as in marketing for the companies we team up with.

Three-Company Stamp Rally

In summer 2013, we held a joint stamp rally with Microsoft and the CeVIO projects.
Our joint promotion encouraged a wider range of customers to visit each company's booth.

Novelty goods for stamp rally participants

Sales at the Booths of Affiliated Companies (Drawing Material Companies)

CELSYS's products and WACOM's pen tablets are sold at the booths of Lemon Gasui (MAXON) and Sam Trading.

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