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Fujitsu Ltd.


The download version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO was given to Fujitsu WEB MART customers for free in a campaign for artists .

(March 2014)

*The campaign is now over.


The download version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO, CELSYS's painting tool, was given for free to customers who purchased particular models of the Ultrabook™ with pen input on Fujitsu WEB MART, Fujitsu's direct sales website. Customers received the software for free when purchasing the ARROWS Tab WQ2/M (QH77/M) (the model released in October 2013) or the FMV LIFEBOOK WT1/P (TH90/P) (the model released in February 2014) in the March 2014 campaign.

The Ultrabook™ is a high-performance computer with Windows 8.1 that can be used as either a laptop or a tablet. This campaign allowed customers to purchase this high-quality computer in a bargain set with our paint software that makes use of the latest computers' processing performance to create a comfortable drawing environment.


About the Campaign Products

<ARROWS Tab WQ2/M (QH77/M) WEB MART custom-made model>

  • WQ2/M (QH77/M catalog model)
  • Download version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO

<FMV LIFEBOOK WT1/P (TH90/P) WEB MART custom-made model>

  • WT1/P (TH90/P catalog model)
  • Download version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO
*This information was correct at the time of the campaign.The campaign is now over.

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