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pixiv Inc.


CLIP STUDIO PAINT is a staple tool for the millions of artists using pixiv. In September 2013, we offered the 8.2 million members (the number of members at the time) the opportunity to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT for free.


In September 2013, CELSYS teamed up with pixiv Inc., the operator and developer of the illustration site pixiv, to provide 8.2 million members (the number of members at the time) with the opportunity to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT for free. The offer lasted for one month from September 11, 2013.

Campaign Details

  • pixiv members were allowed to use CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT for free for two months.
  • After the two months were up, premium members could keep using CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT for 1000pp (premium points) per month.

About pixiv

pixiv is a social networking service for artists that focuses on communicating through art. It was started in September 2007 as a specialist service to make drawing and other art more fun. It allows creators of content such as illustrations, manga and novels to publish their work and chat with each other.

pixiv Illustration Communication Service : http://www.pixiv.net​


CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT is a staple paint tool containing the standard features for creating an illustration. It has more features than some illustration programs that sell for around ¥5000 (around US$50).

With the same natural, realistic drawing quality and powerful performance as CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO and EX, DEBUT is used by a wide range of artists, from seasoned professionals to those trying digital painting for the first time.
DEBUT is perfect for those trying computer-based illustrating for the first time and those seeking to improve their skills.

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