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CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX was used to help the artists for Jump SQ magazine with digital manga production

(June 2014)


Related page:http://jumpsq.shueisha.co.jp/contents/digital_manga/
*Only available in Japanese

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, CELSYS's manga production software, was used in a digital manga tutorial series on SHUEISHA's official website for Jump SQ magazine from June 4, 2014.

Product Details

In the Digital Manga Tutorial Diary held on the official Jump SQ website, CELSYS taught Jump SQ's artists various points, including the basics of digital manga production, practical ways to use the software and functions that are only possible in digital production, in a series of seminars featuring illustrations by the artists themselves.

This is one of the ways that CELSYS provides support with digital production for artists working in the field.

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