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Company Profile

Company Name CELSYS,Inc.
Established May 1991
Capital 100,000,000 yen (As of the end of December 2017)
Representative President Kei Narushima
Board of directors Director Tomoaki Yokotsuka
Director Yuzo Watanabe
Auditor Kazumasa Horikawa
Auditor Masahiro Odaka
Auditor Soichi Sasaki
Employees 138 (As of the end of December 2019)
Headquarters Pacific Marks Shinjuku, 4-15-7 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0023 Japan
ArtSpark's Office Sumitomo Fudosan Nishishinjuku 3gokan 7F, 4-15-3 Nishi-shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023 Japan
Member of The Association of Japanese Animations
Digital Comic Association
Parent Company ArtSpark Holdings Inc.(100%)

Office Location

Pacific Marks Shinjuku, 4-15-7 Nishi-Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0023 Japan

Toei Oedo Line
8 minutes walk from Nishi-shinjuku gochome Sta. A1 Exit
8 minutes walk from Tochomae Sta. A4 Exit
Keio New Line
15 minutes walk from Hatudai Sta. East Exit
JR Line / Odakyu Line
20 minutes walk from Shinjuku Sta. South Exit


2020/08 "CLIP STUDIO PAINT for Galaxy" simultaneously released worldwide.
2020/07 CLIP STUDIO PAINT reaches 8 million creators worldwide.
2020/07 Released the e-book solution Clip Studio Reader ver 2.0.0
2020/03 CLIP STUDIO PAINT reaches 7 million creators worldwide.
2019/12 "CLIP STUDIO PAINT for iPhone" simultaneously released worldwide.
2019/11 CLIP STUDIO PAINT reaches 6 million creators worldwide.
2019/03 CLIP STUDIO PAINT reaches 5 million creators worldwide.
2019/01 CLIP STUDIO PAINT wins 1st prize in the graphics software section of the BCN AWARDS 2019.
2018/09 Launch of e-book solution "CLIP STUDIO READER"
2018/08 CLIP STUDIO PAINT reaches 4 million creators worldwide.
2017/12 "CLIP STUDIO",creative support service's worldwide registered creators exceed 1,000,000
2017/11 "CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX for iPad" simultaneously released worldwide.
2017/11 CLIP STUDIO PAINT reaches 3 million creators worldwide.
2017/01 CLIP STUDIO PAINT wins 1st prize in the graphics software section of the BCN AWARDS 2017.
2016/12 Launch the materials service "CLIP STUDIO ASSETS" worldwide.
2016/07 CLIP STUDIO PAINT reaches 2 million creators worldwide.
2016/01 CLIP STUDIO PAINT wins 1st prize in the graphics software section of the BCN AWARDS 2016.
2015/10 Addition of animation creation functions to CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
2015/04 Increase in the number of registered users with the creators support website "CLIP STUDIO" to 500,000.
2015/03 CLIP STUDIO PAINT reaches 1 million creators worldwide.
2015/01 CLIP STUDIO PAINT wins 1st prize in the graphics software section of the BCN AWARDS 2015.
2014/12 kakooyo!, a free social drawing app for smartphones, is now available.
2013/09 CLIP STUDIO PAINT released worldwide.
2012/12 English version of CLIP STUDIO PAINT released in North America and Europe.
2012/07 CELSYS established a new joint corporation “UNICORN” in China.
2012/05 CELSYS released painting software for illustrations and Manga “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”.
2012/04 CELSYS,Inc. and HI CORPORATION established a holding company named Art Spark Holdings, Inc.
2010/11 CELSYS,Inc. was delisted from the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange to establish Art Spark Holdings, Inc. through the share transfer.
2010/03 1000 sites now using BookSurfing, our general ebook viewer.
2009/04 Release of color painting and illustration tool “IllustStudio download edition”.
2006/12 Having the company's stock listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange's Centrex market.
2006/02 Overseas release of the English version of ComicStudio - MangaStudio.
2004 ComicStudioEX Ver.3.0 won ”Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award” in the 19th Digital Content Grand Prix.
2003/11 Making commercially available of the comic viewer ComicSurfing thorough KDDI (au) CDMA 1X WIN.
2003 RETAS!PRO won ”Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award” in the 18th Digital Content Grand Prix.
2001/08 Release of Manga production software "ComicStudio Ver.1.0".
1999 RETAS!PRO won ”Golden Pixies Award (the news traditional animation category) 1999” of Animation Magazine (USA).
1993/09 Release of Animation production software "RETAS!PRO Ver.1"
1991/05 Establishment of the company