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Personal Information Collection Statement

We shall handle personal information received from our customers in accordance with privacy policies as shown in the terms and conditions below:

[Article 1] Personal Information Guardian, etc.

The name of the business operator and the personal information guardian is defined as shown below.

1. Name of the business operator
2. Personal information guardian
Section manager in the Internal Audit Department of CELSYS, Inc.

[Article 2] Collection of Personal Information

Customers shall agree with us that we are able to acquire (including call logs of contacts from customers by phone) the personal information of customers for purposes defined by us in the next article. However, if the customer does not provide the necessary personal information, the use of various services or functions and responses to inquiries, etc. may be unavailable.

[Article 3] Acquired Personal Information and Purpose of Use

(1) We shall utilize the Personal Information that is provided by customers for purposes defined by us in each of the following sections.
In the event the Personal Information is intended to be used for purposes other than those defined below, we shall notify a customer of our intended purpose in advance to get an approval by the customer.

  Type of Personal Information Purpose of Use
1 Includes the customer name, address, date of birth, gender, age, telephone number, fax number, account ID, IP address, school name, company name, credit card information, bank account information, public information on SNS, information on inquiries, information related to the execution of transactions made through utilization, purchase, application and other services offered by Celsys, but not limited to these. (1) Sale, provision and rental of products handled by Celsys (each of which includes acceptance, payment, shipping, etc.)
(2) Service accompanying the preceding item (such as shipping of contracts, additional sales etc. by web, e-mail, telephone, etc. and communication for confirmation deemed necessary for business, etc.)
(3) Provision of various CLIP STUDIO account user service
(4) Provision of support and maintenance
(5) Preparation and publication of statistical data totaled in such a manner that individuals cannot be identified or specified, and marketing analysis using them, in order to make reference to sales activities and development of new services.
(6) Use and record access information (internet, mobile site, telephone, etc.) for system operation, management and inquiries
(7) Response to inquiries and consultation
(8) Contract conclusion, fulfillment, and termination procedure, etc.

(2) The Personal Information provided shall be held and managed by us for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of the preceding section.

[Article 4] Provision of the Personal Information to a Third Party 1 (Outsourcing Contractors)

Customers shall agree with us that a third party we outsource our tasks (hereafter called as "Outsourcing Contractor", possibly including parties outside of Japan) is able to use the Personal Information for its business operation as far as the third party uses the Personal Information to the extent defined by us in the previous article and that we are able to provide the Outsourcing Contractor with a portion of the Personal Information (the name, address, phone number, and the E-mail address of customers) for the relevant purposes as far as deemed as necessary. In this case, we shall be liable to prevent the Outsourcing Contractor from using the Personal Information for purposes other than those defined as well as shall supervise and ensure that the Outsourcing Contractor manages the Personal Information appropriately.

[Article 5] Provision of the Personal Information to a Third Party 2 (Manufacturers)

A manufacturer, distributor and right holder of the Products (hereafter collectively called as "Manufacturers") may provide a customer who purchased/rented the Products with a notification required for handling the Products, notification for defects in the Products, or other information on the Products by mail, phone, and E-mail, etc. Customers shall agree with us that we are able to provide the Manufacturers with a portion of the Personal Information (the name, address, phone number, and the E-mail address of customers) for the relevant purposes.

[Article 6] Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party 3 (When legally required, etc.)

We shall be able to provide a third party with entire or portion of Personal Information without any approval from customers when one of the followings is met:

  • 1. When required legally.
  • 2. When required to protect a human life, body or personal properties while it is difficult to or it takes too much time to obtain an approval from concerned persons.
  • 3. When required for improvement of public health or promotion of healthy development of juveniles while it is difficult to obtain an approval from concerned person.
  • 4. When required for the government, the local government, or commissioned parties to cooperate with paperwork required by law while obtaining an approval from concerned persons may affect such operation.

[Article 7] Safety Control of Personal Information and Relocation to Foreign Countries

We will take necessary and appropriate actions for the safety control of collected and other Personal Information against its leakage, lost, damage as well as take corrective actions. In addition, this Web site is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

We may also relocate the personal information of the customer to a country with a personal information protection legislation different to the customers’ country. In such case, we will take appropriate measures necessary for the protection of the personal information in accordance with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

[Article 8] Confirmation of Personal Information

Customers can confirm their personal information by the method prescribed by Celsys and correct, update or delete the information oneself. Upon customers' request, we shall agree to notify and disclose the relevant Personal Information held by us for the relevant purposes as well as correct, add, delete, suspend the use of, and erase the Personal Information (hereafter collectively called as "Disclosure"). In addition, the reception counter of the Disclosure is as shown below.

[Information desk]

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