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Privacy Policy

Celsys, Inc. (“Celsys”) contributes to society by providing solutions for the production and distribution of digital content, earning the trust of our customers, and managing its business in accordance with the expectations of Celsys, based on our management policy and code of conduct. We understand that personal data is an important asset of our customers that must be managed under the strictest terms, as well as a valuable resource to Celsys for improving our services to customers. We are committed to managing personal data as outlined in this Privacy Policy.

1. Basic Policy

  • 1. Celsys complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws, as well as guidelines regarding the handling of personal data.
  • 2. Celsys sets out guidelines for managing personal data (the “Guidelines”) and ensures that all executives and employees comply with these Guidelines to establish and maintain a system for handling personal data.
  • 3. Celsys obtains customers’ personal data only to the extent and scope required for conducting its business, which is explained to our customers. Such personal data shall not be disclosed to any third party, excluding cases in which Celsys has express permission from the customer or is required by law. In the case that personal data is disclosed or provided to a third party, such third party will be obligated to take measures against data breaches and shall be instructed to safely handle the personal data with due diligence.
  • 4. Celsys strives to maintain and update the personal data correctly and to prevent any breaches of personal data such as illegal access, leakage, or tampering. Celsys periodically checks the system for handling personal data and addresses any issues as quickly as possible, while continually improving the system.
  • 5. Celsys will respond to customer inquiries regarding personal data, such as complaints, concerns, or requests for disclosure, in a timely and polite manner.
  • 6. Celsys periodically checks for compliance with laws and guidelines regarding the handling of personal data to protect and maintain its appropriate usage, while making efforts to detect violations or other issues. Celsys’s executives review and update the management system as needed based on such findings for further improvements.

2. Confirmation

Customers can confirm their personal data using the methods explained by Celsys and may correct, update, or delete their own information. Celsys also accepts (1) requests for disclosure, (2) requests for clarification of the usage purpose, (3) requests for correction, (4) requests for additions, (5) requests for deletion, and (6) requests to cease using the personal data or providing it to third parties. Requests for disclosure and clarification of the usage purpose may incur a fee.

3. Miscellaneous

  • 1. This Privacy Policy refers to the handling of personal data by Celsys in Japan. It does not cover Celsys’ affiliates or partner companies.
  • 2. Some Celsys services (including websites) cannot be used without providing personal data.
  • 3. Phone calls to the Celsys support desk may be recorded.
  • 4. Celsys uses cookies to improve its websites and services. Cookies are pieces of data sent from the server to the user’s browser to improve ease of use and to improve our services. This does not include personal data such as names, addresses, or phone numbers. Cookies do not have any negative effect on the device. Users can decline the use of cookies.
  • 5. Celsys does not offer guarantees for the handling of personal data on external websites linked on Celsys-operated sites.
  • 6. Celsys notifies users of important changes and other information via the website.
  • 7. Celsys may change this Privacy Policy to improve the protection of personal data or in the event that relevant laws change.

4. Businesses Handling Personal Data

The following businesses of Celsys handle personal data.

- Content business
Sales of comics, animation, illustration software Clip Studio Paint, animation software Retas Studio, and provision of e-book distribution solutions.

For inquiries related to this Privacy Policy or the handling of personal data, please contact our support desk.

For more information not included in this Privacy Policy, please see the Celsys Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement.

CELSYS, Inc. Support Desk
Original Version: 2006/9/1
Last modified: 2020/3/26
Kei Narushima, President