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Privacy Policy

Celsys,Inc. (“Celsys”) contributes to society through providing the solution for production and distribution of digital content based on our management policy and code of conduct, earns a credibility from all our customers, and proceeds the business activities to meet the expectations to Celsys, Private information should be the important asset of our customers as well as of Celsys as a resource to create values to customers and should be managed under the severe restriction. Celsys manages the private information of our customers with the following policies.

1. Basic policies

  • 1. Celsys complies with private information protection law and its relevant laws as well as guidelines relating private information for management of private information.
  • 2. Celsys defines the guideline of managing private information of CELSYS,Inc (“Guideline”) and makes the best efforts so that all of our board members and employees comply with Guideline to establish and maintain the management system of private information.
  • 3. Celsys obtain the customer’s private information to a necessary extent and in an appropriate way only for the business purpose, and handles it within a scope, which Celsys explains to our customers. The private information shall not be disclosed any third except for the case that Celsys gets the acceptance from the customer or has the legitimate reasons.
  • 4. Celsys tries to maintain and update the private information correctly and makes the best efforts to prevent any trouble to the private information such as illegal access, leakage, and crush. Celsys periodically checks the management system of the private information and solve the issues as much quickly as possible when Celsys finds any trouble and problem and improves the management system.
  • 5. Celsys responses to any inquiry from our customers such claim, concern, disclosure requirement in a timely and polite manner.
  • 6. Celsys periodically check the status of compliance with the laws and guidelines regarding the private information to protect the private information thoroughly and maintain the appropriate usage, and makes the best efforts to detect violations, troubles, and problems. Celsys’s board members review the management system based on the checking results and keep improving the system.

2. Confirmation

Customers can confirm their personal information by the method prescribed by Celsys, and correct, update or delete the information oneself. In addition, Celsys accepts 1) claim for disclosure 2) claim for clarification of utilization purpose 3) claim for correction 4) claim for adding 5) claim for delete 6) claim for stopping the utilization or provision to third parties. Contact to the private information inquiry for the detailed information about claim formats. Claim for disclosure and clarification of utilization purpose are charged.

3. Others

  • 1. The policy of the private information protection is about the handling of the private information by Celsys in Japan.
  • 2. There are some service of Celsys that require customers for the private information so that customers can use the service.
  • 3. Celsys records the call when customers call the inquiry counter.
  • 4. Celsys uses cookies to improve the web site service.
    1) Cookie: Server sends the data to customers’ browser for the efficient utilization of web site. Customers can decline the cookies.
  • 5. Celsys does not owe any responsibility to the private information of the web site, which has a link with Celsys.
  • 6. Celsys inform important change and information on the web site.
  • 7. Celsys changes the policy of the private information protection for the better protection and in case of the change of relevant laws.

4. Enterprise to utilize the private information

The followings are the enterprises that Celsys utilizes the private information.

- Content business
Sales of “CLIP STUDIO PAINT”, manga, animation, illustration production software, “RETAS STUDIO”, animation production software and provision of solution for digital book distribution.

Inquiry counter to the policy for the private information protection and the utilization of the private information

CELSYS,Inc. chief privacy officer
Original Version: 2006/9/1
Last modified: 2018/5/24
Kei Narushima, President