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App Engineer

Ryo Inaba 

- What kind of work do you do?

We develop our products using our own frameworks, and it’s my job to develop those frameworks. In other words, creating the development environment. I'm working on enhancing the frameworks for Windows and Mac, as well as developing the framework for iOS. Besides that, I’m also involved with developing and implementing product features.

- What motivates you at work?
I get a strong sense of satisfaction when I see our customers using the functions I’ve helped to create. Our users post on Facebook and Twitter, so I have a lot of opportunities to see these posts and feel motivated.
I also enjoy researching about the latest technology, so I consider that aspect almost as a hobby. I gather relevant research and share it internally. This is part of my role, so I can happily research during working hours.

- How would you describe the atmosphere at Celsys?
Many people here are able to work independently with focus, like me. There is also a culture of teaching each other when needed. Because of that, the company has a relatively quiet and calm atmosphere. I find it very easy to work.

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