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Solution Sales Manager

Solution Sales Manager
Takanao Kanbayashi


- What kind of work do you do? 
I sell ebook solutions and provide support to clients who use our solutions, as well as planning and coordination work. My main jobs are to provide support for major content providers and manage projects that we are carrying out with our affiliated carriers. We provide total ebook distribution solutions with various individual products including BS Reader, our viewer; BS Book Studio, our content authoring tool; and ComicDC, our distribution server.

- Could you give us a simple run-down of the products you work on? 
Our solutions center on BS Reader, our viewer for viewing ebook content. This viewer is a long-running product that has been available since 2003. It was launched on feature phones when carriers first started offering capped data packet services. By getting in as early as we did, we ended up with an over 90% share in e-comic distribution among users of the big three feature phone carriers. The increasing switch to smartphones has not decreased BS Reader's popularity. BS Reader is now smartphone compatible and is still used as the official ebook service of many content providers and mobile phone carriers. 

One big thing that sets this product apart from others is that smartphone users can still read the over 10 million titles that were released for BS Reader during our feature phone days. It is also a multi-platform reader compatible with Android, iOS devices and PCs, and has various features to enrich users' reading experience including a wide range of screen effects and the ability to play sound. Until now, viewers have been provided in application form, but we have recently begun providing a viewer that can be operated in web browsers with HTML5 technology. This means that end users who purchase content will not have to install a viewer application, providing a more seamless content viewing process.


- What parts of your job make you feel the most fulfilled or proud? 
To me, providing solutions means asking our clients what they think and working together with them to create something that works for them. We get a lot of different requests, but the common denominator is that they all want to make things that will make many customers happy and that are easier for their end users to use. We sometimes hit a wall during the process of bringing their ideas to life, but that makes it all the more fulfilling and it makes me feel even happier when we manage to make it work. 

For the end users, the content being distributed is the star of the show, and we're the backstage crew. But we get to know that millions of end users are enjoying content in our viewer in their day-to-day lives. When I think about that, it gives me a renewed sense of pride in my work. I think it might actually be the ideal scenario if our end users aren't conscious of our viewer, because that means it's easy for them to use when they're reading.

- What will you be working on in future and what are your aims? 
Smartphones have become commonplace and formats such as EPUB have become open standards in the blink of an eye, and new platforms and services are constantly being released. The ebook world is changing all the time. I aim to keep a keen ear out for the latest market news and quickly bring out new solutions so that more people will use products from the CELSYS Group. 

The CELSYS Group is also rolling out artist support to help artists in their production of digital content. In future, I aim to create stronger combinations of the technology and know-how developed by both companies and create systems that allow artists to distribute their work in ebook form more easily. That will facilitate more active communication and new creativity. That is my plan for the future, which I apply to my work every day.

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