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Web Application Engineer

Web Application Engineer
Yuichi Saito

- What kind of work do you do? 
I am in charge of server side development for kakooyo!, a social drawing app for smartphones and tablet devices. I am involved in almost every stage of the project, including specification development, coding and release. 

I am also in charge of server side development for other projects. 

-Could you give us a simple run-down of the products you are working on? 
kakooyo! is a drawing app for smartphones and tablet devices that allows multiple people to draw on a shared canvas in real time. Unlike conventional drawing apps, this app has a very strong focus on the social aspect. There are a variety of functions to facilitate communication, including live drawing, a chat function and sharing of works via social media. 

We also felt that the process was an important part of communication, so the app has a unique function allowing you to replay your production process like a movie later. kakooyo! is linked with CLIP STUDIO PAINT, our illustration and manga software, and illustrations started in kakooyo! can be finished in CLIP STUDIO PAINT. 

And of course we did all of this without compromising the quality of the painting software. Our users are extremely pleased with the quality of drawing that is possible.

-What do you focus on in your work? 
How the users will feel about each function. I make sure to always look at each function from the user's perspective and am constantly aware that the program I am coding will be used by people. I also strive to respond quickly to inquiries such as requests and reports of problems. 

I actively research, try out and propose the latest technology and tools, both public and private, so that I can work more efficiently. I believe that making small improvements on a daily basis and being proactive about everything we do are the keys to a bright future. 

I work to improve every day so that I can provide as many users as possible with services that will make them smile.

-What parts of your job make you feel the most fulfilled or proud? 
I feel very fulfilled when I get feedback from a user saying that they like a feature I have developed or fixed. I draw too sometimes as a hobby, so I take personal pleasure when artists enjoy using our services. 

also take pleasure in the process from a technical perspective. I feel so satisfied when I find a simple solution to a complicated problem. It also makes me happy when I learn how to use new technology and realize that I have improved.

-What will you be working on in future and what are your aims? 
I aim to create services that are even more enjoyable for users and provide them with an even greater experience than before. 

Many aspects of server side work are not directly seen by users, but the ease with which an application can be used depends on this work, so it is crucial work that directly affects the user's satisfaction. Web technology is constantly advancing and it changes rapidly, but I learn something new every day and focus on developing technology that will bring a smile to users' faces. 

I hope to encourage as many people as possible to draw, and to make it as easy and fun as possible for them.

*Stated information as at the date the contents being made.
*kakooyo! is only available in Japanese.