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Creators' portal app CLIP STUDIO


A portal app that connects creators with the CLIP STUDIO PAINT painting tool, the other software in the CLIP STUDIO series and various services to help them with their work. You can use various handy services such as managing and exporting works, backing up to the cloud, downloading a wide variety of materials and accessing a range of helpful information on creating your work. With over 1,000,000 registered members, this is the go-to place for many graphics creators.


Support site for creators: CLIP STUDIO


This website provides creators with support for their work. Along with user support, you'll find a store with all the software and other items you'll need for your work, tutorials on how to create content, and services that provide handy functions, such as one that allows you to print your work easily using a high-performance laser printer at a convenience store.

Support site for creators: CLIP STUDIO*Only available in Japanese


We have helped to connect creators with products and services from companies in a wide range of fields using the CLIP STUDIO series, CELSYS' series of graphic tools!

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